1st Annual Gender Equality Conference

Ms. Wilkinson submitted the following report:

Last Thursday, Mentor College hosted the first Gender Equality Conference. The evening was filled with exceptional speakers, who gave the audience incite into the current global situation through spoken word poetry, personal stories and eye-opening facts and statistics. Through the hard work and dedication of a student-run committee, we were able to learn more from Laurie Pawlitza, Kara Santokie, Roberta Lum, Anna Binkovitz, Rudy Francisco, Tanisha Taitt and Edward Sullivan, and Mentor’s own Ms. Mackenzie Higgs. It was an extremely interesting and educational evening.

As a teacher sitting in the audience, I couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of pride for the students who worked so hard to put this evening together as well as for the Mentor community as a whole, as we open ourselves by learning from our youth.

Thank you to all of the students involved in creating this event. You have created change for both men and women in the future.

Student Committee:Julia Cappellacci, Nara Monteiro, Gabriella Monteiro, Mohammed Ali, Jessica Wang, Mykyta Duvalko, Danylo Duvalko, Christianne Teixeira and Amelia Eqbal