2014 Festival Of The Arts

fest-artsThe Annual Festival Of The Arts and Senior Art Show took place last Wednesday and Thursday evenings in O’Brien Hall at the Main Campus! Wednesday evening saw the opening of Meraki – the Senior Art Show. This event is completely student-run, including everything from curating the gallery to organizing online bids for the show’s auction – in which students’ work is sold the the highest bidder!

Wednesday evening was the HS students’ chance to shine on stage – with a few members from the cast of the spring play Macbeth Did It reprising their roles as MCs for the night! Grade 9 & 10 Concert Bands, HS Senior Ensemble, HS Jazz Band, HS Choir, HS Musical Theatre, and Senior Concert Band entertained with a great variety of performances!

On Thursday evening, Intermediate musicians took over and entertained the packed house. Intermediate Band, Grades 5/6 Guitar Clubs, Intermediate Jazz Band, 5/6 & 7/8 Choirs, and Grade 6 Guitar Ensemble all took their turns wowing the audience with terrific performances! The HS Senior Ensemble and the Primary Choir rounded out the bill!

Watch the Grades 7/8 Choir perform Imagine Dragons’s Radioactive!