2014 HS Speech Competition

Of the Entire High School population, 42 students representing their homeroom classes competed on the school stage to determine champions for each grade level. One student winner for each grade will represent Mentor College at a Regional competition in the spring.

The winners and runners-up for each grade are:

Grade 9:
1st: Mohammad Halawa, Early Lessons from High School
2nd: James Cappellacci, Various Stages of Childhood
3rd: Nirosh Ratnarajah, If I Were the Boss

Grade 10:
1st: Charlie Ambler, The Pursuit of Happiness
2nd: Danylo Duvalko, Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom
3rd: Amanda Depikolozvane, Parents

Grade 11:
1st: Leanne Whistance-Smith, Success
2nd: Julia Kim, Common Sense vs. Common Knowledge
3rd: Nina Lalkovic, Self Image

Grade 12:
1st: Vanessa Kabu-Asante, Gender Violence
2nd: Julia Cappellacci, Maybe It’s Time We Said Thank You
3rd: Alisha Krishna, Knitting