2016 High School Musical: The Sound Of Mentor

2016-12-08_09-35-54This past Wednesday and Thursday evenings the High School Drama Department staged the classic The Sound Of Music to a packed O’Brien Hall. For the first time in many years, the production included cast members from the Primary and Intermediate Divisions, as well. Director Ms. Wilkinson shared her thoughts below,

Something very special has happened to me during the rehearsal process for The Sound of Music. As we have been working to portray the von Trapps and their story of music uniting them as a family, I’ve come to realize that we as a school are doing the same thing. I’ve had so many comments from teachers and parents expressing the same sentiment: “I love The Sound of Music – it’s been my favourite since I was a child.” Mr. Macdonald even mentioned that at one time as a young boy, he pretended to play the pipe organ processional for Maria’s wedding on the arm of the Macdonald living room easy chair!

I am told that it was only in the very beginning of the school (when there were under 100 students in all grades) that students young and old have been involved in the musical. Watching the young actors look up to the older ones and seeing the teenagers take such care of the children has been heart-warming. Knowing that there are 27 students who want to take part in the pit band is incredible. With all four divisions involved in the show, it’s hard not to feel the ever-present sense of community and love for this music surrounding me. We all seem to connect with this show in one way or another.

Throughout this rehearsal process I’ve felt a sense of family here at Mentor more than ever. I hope you do too as you watch the show. After all, you are a part of the Mentor family, and family is what Mentor is all about.

Congratulations to the cast, pit band and crew! O’Brien Hall was full of family and friends who enjoyed an evening of song, dance, laughter and love. Ms. Wilkinson, Mr. Hoare, Ms. Walmark and Mr. Pedersen are so proud of the talent, energy and commitment of these remarkable students. Well done!