2018 High School Musical: “Nothing but a Blast!”

One of the highlights of the first term has always been the high school musical. This year, the drama department staged the production Sister Act.

While the event provides students with opportunities to hone their acting, singing, dancing, performing, and productions skills, the students learning in other ways, too. With Grades 9 through 12 students working together on a common goal, students involved in this great event also learn about mentoring, leadership, and cooperation. Grade 9 student Michael Antoniadis shares his thoughts,

Being a part of this year’s musical was nothing but a blast. Heading into the first rehearsal, way back in September, I was nervous, but that did not last long. Rehearsals became a place of fun and laughter where the twenty-nine cast members formed friendships and made great memories. Saturday rehearsals were filled with Timbits and lunch trips to Maranello’s for pasta. The iMessage group chat would take up our time outside rehearsal. Even now, with the musical over it is still a place where we can all chat and can keep in touch. Though I am sad it is over, I could not be more proud of what it was and the memories I am able to hold onto. I cannot imagine a better way to have ended off 2018 and to all my sisters, I say ‚Äúthank you!”

Thank you to Michael for the thoughtful reflection and congratulations to the cast, band, and crew of Sister Act!