2nd Annual GEC

Last night, the HS Division held its 2nd Annual GEC (Gender Equality Conference. Topics discussed ranged from the pressures young men and women face to what we can do to keep the conversation going.

Speakers Bonnie Crombie, Imogen Coe, Jeff Perera, and Nikita Stanley kept the audience intrigued and answered thought-provoking questions with insight. Ms. Haney and Ms. Higgs would like to applaud the GEC executive committee for all of the efforts. We are very proud!

Student Organizers: Nikki Nguyen, Caterina Teixeira, James Cappellaci, Tristan Charbonneau, Asad Bilwani, Laura Cappellaci, Ivy Han, Natasha Newell, Jashandeep Swaich, Sarah Choe, Rama Alkhaldi, Sanaya Chaze, Felicia Geng, Zane Masri, Janvi Puri