3rd Annual Waste Audit

wasteThe HS and Intermediate Environment Clubs hosted the 3rd official waste audit yesterday! Numerous classes worked to sort and organize the previous day’s blue bin recyclables and garbage. The students were so enthusiastic to learn about the proper recycling practices and to correct any incorrectly placed items. We are so proud of our commitment to becoming a greener school! Watch a time-lapse video!

November 27 Update: The students collected 73 kg of total waste this year. In the spring of 2013, the groups collected 126 kg of garbage. This is a 42% reduction in total garbage! There was 23% contamination in our recycling this year. The biggest culprits were paper towels and liquids remaining in bottles. Both of these items could cause entire bags of recycling to be rejected at the sorting plant.

Please put paper towels in the garbage (or in the music room composts). Even better, if you use a paper towel at lunch, put it in your lunch bag and it can go straight to your green bin at home. Please remember to drink all the juice in your bottles. Or, you could always use a refillable container so that you don’t produce any waste.