55th Annual Canada-Wide Science Festival

1-cwsfLast week, Intermediate students Mariam Jafri, Irene Ni, and Angellica Nguyen along with 9 other finalists from across the Peel Region competed in the 55th Annual Canada Wide Science Fair where 457 of Canada’s brightest young scientists from over 100 different regions across Canada converged upon McGill University in Montreal, Quebec.

After a full day of judging to start off the week, finalists continued to present their findings over the next three days to thousands of curious people and school groups during public viewing sessions. During one of those sessions, our students even had the privilege of presenting their project to Colonel Chris Hadfield, who was there as a keynote speaker. The week was interspersed with a hop-on-hop-off double decker bus tour day, evening events with delicious Montreal delicacies, a hike up Mont Royale, and a cruise on the St. Lawrence River.

At the end of it all, once the scores were tallied, the entire Peel Region Team did extremely well, coming away with 1 gold medal, 1 silver medal, and 4 bronze medals, with one of the bronze medals belonging to none other than Mentor’s Irene Ni and Angellica Nguyen! Congratulations to these students and to all our participants! It is no small feat to make it beyond our school science fair, past the regional fair, and all the way to nationals.