A Busload Of Possibilities When Working Together

IMG_1516The Intermediate Division’s Leaders For Change extends a huge thank you to all students, parents, and homeroom teachers for the outstanding success of this year’s Make-a-Wish initiative. In keeping with the message of last month’s assembly, the students proved that they all have the power to make a positive change for local children in need at this time of the year.

With the help of their teachers, students formed small groups and adopted entire families. With what Mrs. Kantimer calls “Mentor generosity” the initial goal of adopting 50 families was easily surpassed. 50 classroom ‘wish kits’ quickly disappeared as the benevolence of the student body turned 50 family adoptions to a staggering 82. This means that 82 families in Peel Region will directly benefit from the generous spirit of the students, parents and teachers of Mentor College.

A representative from the Boys and Girls Club of Peel attended the Holiday Assembly on the last day of term and described how the success of the Mentor Make-a-Wish initiative has a real impact in the communities they service.