A Cross-Cultural Cardiovascular Collaboration

This past week, students in Mr. Miller’s Grade 9 PPL1O classes made a global connection with students at the Korean International School in South Korea. Students in classes at both Mentor College and KIS completed the same high-interval workout on the same day (13 hours apart)!

This idea came about while Mentor’s Mr. Miller and KIS’s Mr. Richard Lunardo were taking a summer course together and realized that both of their respective departments were using heart rate monitor watches in class. So, the two teachers decided to have their students collaborate and share information.

As the students work out in their cardiovascular training zone, teachers run comparisons on the students’ heart rates. Among the learning outcomes are that students learn the health benefits of lowering their resting heart rates, they see different variables that affect their heart rates, and they gain a better understanding of how different exercises affect their heart rates.

Photo: Korean International School Physical Education students with teacher Mr. Lunardo