A Flash Forward in Time….to High School!

408Report submitted by the students in Ms. Acorn’s class (8I)

“And that is class! I will see you for another lecture tomorrow!”

On November 26 and 27, Mentor Grade 8 classes in the Intermediate division had the opportunity to experience what high school would be like next year. To start off, we met the high school ambassadors (from Grades 11 and 12) and asked them any questions we had about next year. We then got to see part of the high school musical, which was quite enjoyable.

Afterwards, students split up into groups to head to a variety of high school classes. It was interesting interacting with and seeing what the high school students do every day. Overall, it was a fantastic experience for the grade 8 students because it gave us a really good picture of what our school life will be like next year. We can’t wait for Grade 9!
Here are some other reactions to the day:

“We found the Grade 8 to 9 Day very useful for high school because it gave us opportunities to have our questions answered. We also found it fun to experience classes which we don’t have in Intermediate.”

“High school looks to be a lot of fun!”

“Thank you to all of our student ambassadors for being so patient and for showing us all of the ins and outs of high school.”

Grade 12 Mentor student Simrit Bath documented the event in this terrific video!