Mentor/TEAM Administration

The Mentor College/TEAM School administrative team is led by co-founder/executive director Mr. Ken Philbrook and director Mr. Chuck Macdonald.

The leadership team of Mr. Philbrook, Mr. Macdonald, and the principals in each division provide support and guidance to teachers and students across all of the divisions of Mentor College & TEAM School.

Ken Philbrook – Executive Director/Co-Founder
Chuck Macdonald – Director
Barb Philbrook – Principal, Primary Division
Leeanne Talarico – Vice-Principal, Primary Division
Lori Findlay – Principal, Intermediate Division
Christina Weinkauf – Vice-Principal, Intermediate Division
David Whyte – Principal, High School Division
Randy Hall – Vice-Principal, High School Division
Lillian Sawtschuk – Principal, TEAM School
Lorraine McDonald – Vice-Principal, TEAM School
Chris Starkey – Administrative Principal