history1Mentor College was founded in 1982 to provide a programme of education based on proven traditional methods of teaching.

Since then, the school has earned a reputation for solid academic performance. Emphasis is placed on the basics of reading, writing, and mathematics, and on preparing students for an active, rewarding life. Director, Ken Philbrook, co-founded Mentor College because as a teacher, he was concerned with the direction education was taking. He dedicated himself to building and maintaining a unique environment where children can experience the joys of learning and develop self-confidence and self-esteem.

hidtory2As a parent himself, Executive Director & Co-Founder Ken Philbrook knows and understands your concerns about the education of children. He takes an active role in maintaining a positive, caring environment, rich in personal attention, where children are encouraged to think and reason for themselves.

In July 2014, Mr. Philbrook assumed the role of Executive Director and Co-Founder and Chuck Macdonald assumed the role of Director.  Mr. Macdonald has been a teacher, principal, and administrator during his tenure at Mentor College and T.E.A.M. School, and has also been the Assistant Director of the schools since 2003.  Mr. Macdonald holds Bachelor of Arts and Master of Education degrees.