The Mentor College Mission Statement

We facilitate the path of our students to develop sustainable academic excellence, a life-long love of learning, a full and balanced approach to life and a commitment to proactive participation and contribution within a trusting, safe and secure community of support. We accomplish this in partnership with families and other community members. This is our promise and our trust.

The Mentor College Benefit Statement

Mentor College provides the children of its families the unique opportunity to grow and live within a diverse school environment from junior kindergarten to Grade 12. Mentor College promotes excellence in academic, extra-curricular and personal life by living and modeling the fundamental principles and practices of a mentoring philosophy.

The mentoring approach to excellence and diversity is expressed in the ownership everyone in the school takes to care for the school and its members; the informal commitment, creativity and humanity of the teachers, the championing of personal ownership and empowerment and the high standards of effort and conduct demanded day-to-day by all Mentor community members.

The Mentor College Vision

Each of us in the community – parents, teachers, students – is learning and growing day-to-day with the help of each other. We create this through ongoing formal and informal connection and interaction within the highest standards of academic excellence, as well as the diverse extra-curricular endeavours that reflect the talents of our staff and students.

We each take on whatever we see that needs to be done to ensure the safety, cleanliness, health and success of each other and our school community. We reach out for help and guidance when we need it and are offered it with commitment and enthusiasm.

We work with each student to unlock the key to a love of learning. We acknowledge and celebrate individual and community accomplishments and contributions. All members of our community feel their ideas are heard.

We are thankful for the opportunity to mentor the children in our school community.

The Mentor College Values

1) Deep personal commitment to contributing to the learning and accomplishments of our students

2) Being a long-term community of support for students as complete individuals and for their families. This involves respect, authentic connection and viewing the students as family.

3) Proactively taking ownership and accountability as individual members and as a committed, integrated community team (teachers, parents, students) to seize opportunities and address problems through sustainable solutions.

4) Empowering and entrusting others in the Mentor community to take hold of and run with opportunities.

5) Modeling and living the “mission” day-to-day within the opportunities that arise.