Adventure Cambodia 2014

10004008_570727673023027_48818080_nMr. Cowle submitted the following report:

“As expected the trip to Cambodia seemed to take forever to get here and then was over in a flash. We asked the students what their favourite parts of the trip were and most seemed to agree that visiting the school where our donations were used to clear the school yards of mines and unexploded bombs was pretty hard to top. The reception we received ¬†was heart rendering. Touring the training facility for the dogs and their human partners for landmine detection was also an amazing visit,as was the rehabilitation centre for landmine victims. Actually going into a minefield to see the miners at work and watching them detonate four landmines strapped together is, of course, something no one will ever forget. All the sights and sounds of Cambodia will continue to reshape how these students see the world and as they reflect about this trip, even in years to come, I think they will realize what a significant time it was.”