Almost Time To Get Inside!

Toronto-20130917-00115One of the most exciting events of the school year returns to Mentor/TEAM next month! The schools’ 4th Inside Ride takes place on Monday December 2!

Since the first Inside Ride in 2011, Mentor/TEAM have raised $270,000 – all of which has gone to helping to support families and children with cancer.

Here are the dates to remember:

Monday November 4: Kickoff Assembly
12:30 – Mentor/TEAM Grades 7/8
1:35 – Mentor/TEAM Grades 9-12

Monday December 2: Inside Ride!
10:00 – 11:00 – Mentor/TEAM Grades 7/8
12:40 – 2:00 – Mentor/TEAM Grades 9-12

(Photo: Mr. & Mrs. Santelli and Mr. & Mrs. Rushton in front of a plaque celebrating the fundraising and awareness-raising achievements of Jenna’s Angels and The Inside Ride)