Alyssa The Baum As Mentor Outclaws Wolverines

oct22-bballWith cow bells ringing, hands clapping and shouts of encouragement, the senior girls’ basketball team made history last Thursday night. The girls won their first home game this year against St. Paul’s. Although they had a slow start and St. Paul’s dominated the first half, the game ended with a dramatic finish. In the last minute of the game, Alyssa Baumgartner tied it at 40-40 at the foul line.

With obvious excitement, the girls took to the court to start their 4 minutes of overtime. Great determination, teamwork, and good communication were evident as the girls repeatedly took the ball up the court to maintain the lead throughout overtime. When the final buzzer sounded, Mentor and their fans erupted into cheers as the girls won their game 50-48.

The game’s lead scorer was Alyssa Baumgartner (29 pts) with the other 21 points scored by Julia Laing, Julia Bogoje, Kiana Mallia, Kasia Kowal, and Ashley Mustafa. This win would not have been possible without the offensive and defensive support of Alisha Butani, Allyson DeMerlis, and Allison Mizzi. Congratulations, girls, on your first win.

Your coaches, Snowdon, Davidson, and Spares are very proud of you!