Anisha’s Active Citizenship Inspires MP

Earlier in the school year, Grade 10 Civics students researched local, national, and global issues, and explored ways to affect change. In the process, Anisha Bahl and her group members learned about the isolation and vulnerability facing refugees while fleeing their homes, and transitioning into new communities.

Anisha showed tremendous initiative when she designed an app to help address the mental health needs of Syrian refugees living in Canada. We are thrilled that Mississauga-Lakeshore MP Sven Spengemann has also recognized the value in Anisha’s effort. Yesterday, Mr. Spengemann took time to meet with her to discuss ways to enhance her design, and how best to turn her idea into a reality.

During the meeting Mr. Spengemann commended Anisha for the scope of her design, “This is the kind of project management work that one would expect from a Masters student, not one in Grade 10!” Anisha now looks forward to extending her research with local interest groups and meeting with government officials in the near future.