Athletic Association Charity Car Wash

675683a9-76d2-492b-8622-1da45dbc3433Last Friday, over 35 members on the HS Athletic Association hosted the annual charity car wash. This year’s temperatures were probably the coldest that our association has ever faced but they pushed through raising $500 for the Special Olympics Organization in Mississauga!

Thanks to all the student-athletes, and Mentor families who continue to support this annual event. Our staff members moving the vehicles continue to enjoy laughing at each other when learning how to start cars that make no sound (hybrids vehicles), finding gear shifts on the steering wheel and being put in awkward seat positions in cars that have the seats automatically set for only one position.

A special thanks to Charles and Richard, our HSAA presidents for their hard work in planning the most organized car wash to date. Our next event will be the dodgeball buy-out on November 20!