Awareness Week Spreads Around World

0_w225_h137_s1_PL15Last week, the sounds of fun and youthful optimism rang out from O’Brien Hall as the Intermediate Division’s Leaders for Change celebrated Awareness Week. While some students clamoured for duct tape accessories and bracelets from Kenya, others tried their luck shooting at hockey targets to raise money to support initiatives in developing countries.

Somewhere in between, students took turns singing karaoke to the empowering lyrics of Katy Perry’s latest song, Roar. The result of all this excitement and generosity? Almost 300 pounds of donated goods went to Mississauga Food Path; $575 was raised in donations and duct tape sales, and $332 was raised directly to impact our adopted village of Eor Ewuaso in Kenya. Another $375 was raised to donate to “Gifts of Hope” – an initiative of The Plan.

A big thank you and congratulations to all the L4C students who helped run the stations!

Capping off Awareness Week was our auction for the Leaders for Change parking spot. Congratulations to Ms. Galessiere on making the highest bid for her very own parking spot: available for any school event during the school year. A special thank you to HS Take Action Group members Ashley Whyte and Julia Cappellacci for supervising the auction during Meet The Teacher Night!