Be Prepared to Bee Impressed

2016-05-26_14-34-39The Mentor Grades 2 and 3 spelling bees concluded with exciting final rounds. Two Grade 2 students faced off for first place and were each successful in spelling over 30 extremely difficult words. Mrs. Philbrook, Ms. Clark and Mrs. Pengelly decided to award each of these terrific spellers with a first place medal.

Six Grade 3 students were in the final round and winners were decided with a list that included many challenging grade 6 words! Congratulations to all the grade 2 and grade 3 spelling bee contestants for all their hard work.

Grade 2
First Place: Mika Balawender, Avani Narang
Second Place: Rian Pullen

Grade 3
First Place: Gavin Li
Second Place: Ammar Adam
Third Place: Madiha Jafri