Beautiful Breaststroke, Backcrawl, & Butterfly!

4_w220_h165_s1_PR15Last Wednesday, the Mentor Primary/Intermediate swim team competed at Iroquois Ridge community pool at the PSAA swim tournament. It was a tough competition but our students rose to the challenge. They competed in events such as freestyle, breaststroke, backcrawl, butterfly, and showed their team spirit by competing in five relay races. Coaches Vieira, Purdy, O’Coin, and Drost were very proud of the amazing efforts put forth by all the students. A special thank you to volunteer, Dev Desai! Overall, the girls placed 4th and the boys placed 3rd!

First place: Jaya Sarna, Jessica Code, Nihal Azavedo, Max Baluta

Second place: Jessica Code, Rhea Azavedo, Matthew Wilk, Konrad Kosztyla, Damian Hart, Dianna Knill, Katherine MacLeod

Third place: Karishma Desai, Rhea Azavedo, Jaya Sarna, Sarah Pham, Grant Larizza, Konrad Kosztyla, Matthew Wilk, Andrea Ma