Calculating Kids

may22-math (1)A cube has a surface area of 54 square cm. What is the volume of the cube in cm cubed?

a) 81 b) 343 c) 18 d) 27 e) 729

Every year the students in the Intermediate Division have been given an opportunity to show off their math skills by writing the University of Waterloo Gauss Contest. This year, 40 students from Grades 5 to 8 competed for the chance to be first in this nation-wide challenge.

Finishing first in two classes of students were Neeraj Ahluwalia who scored 89% in the Grade 7 contest and Sagar Kothari who scored 83% in the Grade 8 contest. Special recognition goes to the following students who finished in the top 25% of their age group: Neeraj Ahluwalia, Charles Ma, Alisha Bajaj, Abirami Sudharshan, Michaela Schnull, Peter Danilin, Sagar Kothari, Stephen Edwards, Abbas Jaffer, Yusuf Zia.

The answer to the question above is d). One of the contestants will be able to explain the answer.

Congratulations on the very fine effort from all of our contestants!