Civics In Action

While she is not yet old enough to vote, Grade 11 student Andrea Guzman is taking advantage of opportunities to communicate directly with our elected officials.

As an assignment in Grade 10 Civics, Ms. Lessing had students contact an MP or MPP to express their thoughts on a specific issue: for example overpopulation, the gap between rich and poor, or the environment.

Andrea focused on the environment and chose to reach out to MPP Minister of the Environment and Climate Change – Chris Ballard. She emailed Mr. Ballard to propose her recommendation to hold a fundraiser to raise awareness about the importance and viability of electric buses.

Andrea was thrilled to receive an email reply from Minister Ballard, who commented that her letter “shows that you have a good understanding of the kinds of challenge we face in protecting the quality of air and in our fight against climate change.” Andrea said that she “really appreciated that Mr. Ballard took the time to write back to me with such a personalized and detailed email.”

Well done, Andrea!