Come See “Beginnings”

“Beginnings, Six One-Act Plays” will be presented by the HS drama department Tuesday, April 4th and Wednesday, April 5th at 7pm in O’Brien Hall. For some of the cast and crew, it will be the “beginning” of their stage career and for the Grade 12s, it will be the final curtain.

The show is a collection of one-act plays about a day in the life of a caveman. Audience members are offered some insight on how things have come to be in our society today such as the business model, theater, traditions in marriage, superstition, gambling and music. In an added twist, the show is being presented “in the round” (the show is on the floor surrounded by the audience).

If you’re interested, tickets are available from any cast member or your campus office. As usual, there is no charge for tickets but a generous donation to the students’ charity of choice (in this case, Habitat for Humanity) would be appreciated at the show.