Communities Around The World … And Right Here In Canada

37cc4765-c1a8-40a9-8b76-5450409bdd2eMentor Grade 2 students are studying communities around the world, specifically the Inuit peoples in Northern Canada.

HS teachers Ms. Haney and Mr. McCallen shared stories and pictures with the Grade 2s about their Habitat for Humanity trip to Iqaluit a few years ago. They explained the differences between ways of life, food, culture, weather, clothing, and infrastructure so that students could better understand how life in the Arctic varies from life in Toronto.

Some concepts that students were specifically surprised to learn were: Houses are built on stilts (Nazy Nasser); Baffin Island looks like a fish on the map (Hunter Peirson); It is too cold to grow a lot food (Marren Timmins); The mom and babies throat sing together (Avani Narang); Foxes and hares camouflage (Reya Rasul).