Congratulations To Arts Jam Competitors!

2b6d7cdc-dd21-4fef-9b5d-6bec7cf9c4f4We had two amazing teams that put a lot of time and energy into their creation! Our first team, ‘The Original Crushers’, used visual arts and music to portray their message; it takes courage to be yourself. Stephanie Sherman painted a beautiful image which was accompanied by a gorgeous song, written by Shadi Bouhajib. Together, their piece spoke of the importance of being an individual.

Our second team, ‘Peas In The Pod’, created a film using music, poetry, and lots of humour. Aidan Kokorudz, Amelia Eqbal, and Justin Eng did a fantastic job at making us laugh while telling a story. Their film’s message was focusing on the importance of celebrating small acts of courage in life, as well as the big ones.

Thank you to all participants. It is truly wonderful to see you put so much effort into the arts!