Congratulations To HS Artists Of The Month For October!

Al-Hashemi-NadiaCongratulations to the following students for their exceptional commitment to the arts!

Ben Scurry – Visual Art: Ben is a new TSS grade 10 student studying in AVI2O. Despite being new to both our campus and the Mentor family, Ben has jumped right into his art studies. His life drawing skills are strong, and he has been fully engaged in both studio work and art history studies as well as being a leader during the collaborative drawing exercise.

Emily Crowe – Theatre: Emily has shared her talents with us in many theatrical productions at Mentor. No matter what role she is playing, Emily is always prepared for rehearsal and comes with a smile on her face. Her dedication always contributes to the success of the show.

Max Durbin – Visual Art: Max has exhibited outstanding craftsmanship by successfully incorporating a linear perspective drawing into a sports theme portfolio cover art work. His outstanding application of the Elements of Art is the first visual challenge of the year.

Catarina Teixeira – Photography: Catarina has really applied herself by capturing a very strong set of photographs for visual interpretations of common words.

Anjuli Deodhare, Amelia Eqbal, Jessica Wang and Nadia Al-Hashemi – Yearbook: The Senior Editors of the Yearbook have already come up with the yearbook theme, created the cover art, determined the layout of all 172 pages, reviewed the committee list and taken their grad group photo. All before the end of September! This is a phenomenal group of dedicated students who are committed to making a unique and fantastic 2015-2016 publication.