Congratulations To The 2015-2016 Intermediate Student Parliament!

caf78d55-cac3-4e22-83c7-fa0e35b9719bThe new Intermediate Student Parliament was elected this week and all our students were excited to meet this year’s Prime Ministers, Haaris Kafeel and Lene Al-Shibli. Serving as our Deputy Prime Minister this year is Niko Gill. In the roles of Members of Parliament, we have elected Maddy Rawlings and Mia Cappucitti as our Arts and Culture ministers, Azim Naqvi and Quintina Liu as our Communications ministers and Deeraj Dhanoa and Adam Khan as our Sports and Leisure ministers.

Mariam Jafri and Morgan Weinfeld are our representatives from LFC. Environment club will be electing their members during their next meeting, so stay tuned for an important addition in the near future.

Finally, our brand new student council members of parliament would like to finish by congratulating all of the students who ran in this election and worked so hard to put together an excellent campaign. It is your school spirit that helps make our school such a vibrant and lively place to learn.