HS Artists Of The Month: January 2016

Untitled-2Congratulations to these students for being nominated January’s Artists Of The Month!

Anthony Stillo (Writer’s Craft): Anthony’s most recent short story entitled “Phantoms” was a truly impressive achievement. It was both vibrant and chilling; an intense combination of suspense and dark humour. The dialogue, in particular, was impeccably crafted, and showed a true writer’s concern for realistic prose. We expect great things from Anthony are still to come – congratulations!

Nick Gucciardi (Graphic Design): Nick’s work has improved tremendously over the first term. He consistently applies compositional elements and design principles to all his projects. Each piece is creative and original. Keep up the great work!

Charlie Ambler (Visual Art): Charlie’s last two artworks have been experimental and innovative, founded on a structure of hard work. His Renaissance-inspired portrait was made from recycled camera parts and his ISU broke new ground with a submission of a short film that combined the contradiction of sound and image.

Julia Xu (Media): Julia has demonstrated an incredible attention to detail and creativity throughout our Photoshop unit. Her skills in manipulating images, as well as creating both realistic and artistic images are evident in all assignments. We look forward to seeing the creativity continue!