Computers (Primary)

prim-compComputer literacy is vital to the future of your child. Thus, computers have become an integral part of the student’s area of study. At Mentor College, students begin their computer studies at Junior Kindergarten level. In each subsequent grade level, students are taught the skills and concepts necessary to become computer literate and to use a variety of software.

The active involvement with computers gives students the interest and the knowledge to use the computer facilities for all subject areas. In the younger grades, students play games that reinforce math and language skills taught in class and also develop creativity and fine motor control with drawing programs. In Grade 1 students start learning to type with two hands, focusing more on Home Row in Grade 2.  Students practice word processing in Grades 2, 3 and 4.  Grade 4 introduces graphing with spreadsheets and Internet Safety.

Embracing 21st century technology, Mentor College has a mobile iPad lab – which allows teachers the opportunity to expand on the curriculum in an engaging and exciting way through the use of devices that are familiar to the students.