French (Primary)

prim-frenchBeginning in JK, the French programme in the Primary Division makes use of AIM (Accelerated Integration Method) – using gestures, music, dance, and theatre to help students learn. Students enjoy interactive lessons filled with singing and dramatization – where they get and introduction to conversational French: salutations, weather, counting, calendar, etc.

Students are introduced to written French in Grade 2 – when they are also involved with their first French play! In Grade 3 – where the emphasis is still on oral communication – students also progress in written French by asking and answering both spoken and written questions and answers.

In Grade 4, emphasis still on very much oral practice, but also significant writing. Building a solid base of vocabulary is the goal.By the end of Grade 4, most students are able to write a 3 or 4-paragraph space fantasy based on a class play.