Music & Visual Arts (HS Division)

hsmusicMusic: Most of our students from the Intermediate division choose to continue their music studies in high school, where they will continue to perform with woodwind, brass and percussion, as well as furthering their knowledge of musical theory, history and composition.

Exposure to a wide selection of musical styles will develop the student’s music appreciation and awareness, and one mandatory after-school band practice each week is integrated into the course studies.

The high school band programme offers students the opportunity for international travel as well. In March, 2013, the HS Tour Band enjoyed an amazing tour of Spain! In 2016, they visited Italy!

Senior students have the option to take part in a very unique opportunity – Memories To Music – in which students are paired with senior partners from the Alzheimer Society. Students spend time with their partners, learn about their lives, and write and record songs for/about them. The project culminates with an special evening of performances in the spring.

hstechVisual Arts: Once the students have reached high school, they are ready for advanced work such as oils and pastels and mixed media. Through art history and practical experience, the students are encouraged to develop an awareness of art based on knowledge.

Senior art students have the opportunity to visit a famous European art centre for a week (Venice, Florence, Rome, Paris, New York) in winter and in May, the graduating senior art students plan their own exhibition. In March, 2016, they were on a tour of Italy!