Primary Division (JK-4)

Untitled-13Mentor College has developed a primary programme which builds on the enthusiasm and involvement which children feel when learning.

Students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 4 are immersed in a stimulating curriculum and provided with a wealth of support, and encouragement. Staff members foster the development of good work habits and a sense of responsibility which provide a solid foundation for the challenges that lie ahead.

Students in the Primary Division are challenged by Mentor’s curriculum, as it is more advanced than those in public, separate and most private school programmes. Homeroom teachers instruct in math, reading, grammar, spelling and social studies, and specialty teachers teach music, computers, science, French and physical education.

In addition to the curriculum, there are a host of school clubs, teams, and activities that students are welcome to join. The highlight of the school year occurs when the entire school stages the year-end musical! Every student takes part in the production – as an actor, dancer, pit band member, backstage crew, or chorus member.


The Primary Campus houses all of the students from junior kindergarten to Grade 4. The building boasts a 40×70 gymnasium for physical education classes and athletics, a networked computer lab, a choral/instrumental music room, a science room and an indoor pool that the students visit several times each year. Mentor incorporates field trips into its curriculum throughout the year.

Primary Staff

Mentor College hires only qualified teachers with a primary-aged subject specialty and a warm and sensitive attitude towards children. The teaching staff sees very little turnover from year to year, and in the past two school years, all of the homeroom teachers were returning staff members and only one new specialty teacher needed to be hired. The more-experienced teachers are enthused by the younger staff members and the newer teachers gain valuable insights and resources from their older colleagues. The staff works as a team for all the major school events (Terry Fox Run, Play Day, School Musical, etc.) and every teacher volunteers his or her spare time to the many clubs and activities of the school.

ppWe like to excite students about the learning process…if they believe it’s worthwhile to achieve, they will continue to challenge themselves when they get older.

Barbara Philbrook, Primary Division Principal

Mrs. Philbrook holds a Master of Education in Curriculum, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education, and Elementary and Intermediate Certificates in Special Education. She has many years of classroom teaching experience.