Science & Technology (HS Division)

hs-sciScience: In high school, analytical thinking skills, environmental concerns and the role of technology in our world are emphasized in the generalist courses in Grade 9 and 10. The senior sciences in Grade 11 and 12 are divided into specialized courses in the three main scientific disciplines: biology, chemistry and physics.

Students are given the opportunity to participate in the OAPT (Ontario Association of Physics Teachers) Grade 11 Physics Contest, University of Toronto Biology Contest, University of Waterloo’s Avagadro Chemistry Contest and the Sir Isaac Newton Physics Contest.

Through the science programme at Mentor College, students gain the necessary background knowledge and skills to confidently pursue a university education in any one of the scientific disciplines.

hs-techTechnology: Students who study technology at the HS level enjoy the options of information science and media technology.

In information science, students use programming and software engineering principles to design and develop algorithms and programs. They will also develop an understanding of the ethics of computer use and the impact of information technology on the community, and will explore post secondary education and career paths in computer science.

Communication technology students learn about design and production processes in the area of electronic, live, recorded, and graphic communications. Students create, manage, and distribute complex electronic, graphic, recorded, or audio-visual projects independently and in project teams.

Embracing 21st century technology, Mentor College has a mobile iPad lab – which allows teachers the opportunity to expand on the curriculum in an engaging and exciting way through the use of devices that are familiar to the students.

Check out a student production from one of our Grade 12 Communications Technology classes!