University Destinations

99% of our graduates gain entrance to the university of their first choice. From the last 5 years of graduating classes over 99% of our Grade 12 students were accepted into post-secondary studies.

At Mentor College, we expect more from our students, and we get it! We firmly believe that a high school education should prepare its students with the time management and study skills for finishing university, not just the marks for getting in the door!

Class of 2017 – University Destinations:

University of Toronto: 26 students
University of Waterloo: 19 students
McMaster University, Western University: 16 students each
Wilfrid Laurier University: 11 students
Queen’s University: 10 students
Ryerson University: 8 students
McGill University, University of Ottawa: 6 students each
University of British Columbia: 4 students
Carleton University, York University: 3 students each
University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Brock University: 2 students each
Ateneo de Manila University, Michigan State University, New Jersey Institute of Technology, New York University: 1 student each

Class of 2017 – University Programmes:

Here is a breakdown of programmes in which Class of 2017 graduates are enrolled – by percentage of overall class:

Business: 22%
Health/Life/Medical Sciences: 16%
Engineering: 12%
Arts: 11%
Sciences: 9%
Humanities: 7%
Computer Engineering: 6%
*Other: 17%

*Other includes: Fine Arts, Communications, Math, Psychology, Architecture, Criminology, Kinesiology, Food & Nutrition, Media, Police Foundations