DECA Provincials

The DECA team attended in the annual provincial competition at the Sheraton Centre in Toronto this past weekend. Competing in 24 different events against over 8,500 students from around Ontario, our students put forth an excellent effort. The team brought home 12 medals for outstanding performance in oral & written events as well as 4 top 10 medals, and a 4th place finish for Robert Castagna and Finn Johnson. For the first time in the team’s history, we will have a competitor at the international competition ICDC in Anaheim, California this April. Congratulations, Sagar Kothari!

Mr. Lee & Miss Spares are very proud of the hard work and effort the students put into preparing for provincials. Special recognition also goes to the Mentor DECA executive team of Sarah Agnew, Veer Arora, Dev Desai, Nirosh Ratnarajah, and Adam Syed for the many hours spent preparing for and running the weekly DECA meetings.

Notable Acheivements:
Eric Meandro – Oral & Written medals
Michael Wong – Oral medal
Veraj Paruthi – Written medal
Eran Vijayakumar – Written medal
Sagar Kotahri – 2 oral medals, Top 10 Overall medal, ICDC competitor
Nirosh Ratnarajah – Written oral
Veer Arora – Oral medal, Top 10 Overall medal
Robert Castagna and Finn Johnson – Oral medals, Top 10 Overall medals, 4th Overall Plaques