DECArated With Winning Ribbons!

decaAfter months of preparation through the summer and after-school, the Mentor College DECA team (HS business club) headed off to Hamilton on Tuesday, November 5 to participate in the Regional Competition. 33 students competed in 21 different events that comprised a 100 multiple-choice question test and an oral role play. At the end of the day, ribbons were awarded to students who finished in the top 10 for the written tests and role plays, and medals were awarded to the top 3 students in each category.

The Mentor team had an outstanding performance with 27 ribbons and 4 medals. Mr. Lee and Miss Spares would like to congratulate all members of the team for hard work and dedication. Well done!

Ribbon winners in the written events:
Sanaa Jain, Mairead Shaw, Monish Ahluwalia, Trevor Corner, Kiran Malik, Jashan Dhillon, Angad Puri, Maheen Farrukh, Venessa Secktakof, Matthew Halsall, Adam Syed, Imaan Virani, Rohan Ghandi, Amar Gupta, Maya Koparkar, and Mikhiul Hudda

Ribbon winners in the role play events:
Sanaa Jain, Sumeet Badyal, Trevor Corner, Kiran Malik, Jashan Dhillon, Angad Puri, Venessa Secktakof, Maya Koparkar, Danielle Moloughney, Elliott Sharp, Ajai Virk

Top 3 Overall:
1st place- Maya Koparkar, Danielle Moloughney, and Sanaa Jain
3rd place- Trevor Corner