Do You Believe In Magic?

oct22-magicLast Tuesday, Sheldon Casavant had Mentor and TEAM’s Primary students and teachers believing every minute of his entertaining magic show! Using everyday objects like paper bags and tin cans, the magician had everyone oohing and aahing at his tricks. Some lucky students even got to try their sleight of hands at a few illusions themselves! Sydney B. pulled a coin out of thin air. Eleni made a ball appear in an empty bag and Robbie helped make a table float into the air! A highlight of the show was when Sheldon performed a trick that he had learned after reading how Harry Houdini had done it. Ms. Kelly buckled Sheldon in a straightjacket and in only one minute’s time, he had escaped from the straightjacket AND had time to make Ms. Kelly a balloon animal! Thank you so much for coming Sheldon Casavant! You have just inspired the next generation of magicians!