Don’t Ignore Immunization Record Letters!

On Monday, Peel Public Health mailed out letters to the parents of students attending school in the Region whose records show missing vaccines. If you receive one of these letters, it is in your best interest to take immediate action because every year, we have students who are suspended from school until their records are in order.

In the easiest-to-solve cases, the student has received the vaccine(s) in question but the information has just not gone to the Region. This is a parental responsibility and neither the medical provider nor the school is responsible for ensuring the Region receives this information. In some cases, the student attended school in a different jurisdiction and (once again), it is the parent’s responsibility to have the information transferred.

Whenever we do end up with a student being suspended “indefinitely”, it is always because the letters from Peel Public Health were not heeded in a timely fashion. Please
realize that there is a time commitment required to get the immunization records up-to-date if vaccinations are missing or if you have a conscientious objection to immunizations. It will take time to make a doctor’s appointment or to get the appropriate paperwork to be exempt from the program.