Environmental Dance Moves

314Intermediate and TEAM students came together to dance the night away on Friday last week. Students enjoyed the music, but the highlight of the night was the free cotton candy. Student Council donated $2 to Spread the Net for every cotton candy enjoyed at the dance. Andrew Harrington and James Corley showed off their dance moves, but Emily Huang said the boys have a little ways to go before their career takes off. The raffle winner from the dance was Nicolas Basile from Mrs. Khan’s Mentor class. Congratulations Nicolas!

The school’s environment clubs helped out at the event. Environmentally devoted students manned the reusable water bottle station, a new feature that has been added to the school dances. Let’s face it: to keep all of those feet moving madly on the dance floor, snacks and beverages are important. However, treats such as juices and snacks come with a noticeable environmental footprint.

The enthusiastic response to the idea of bringing reusable water bottles to the dance instead of creating a lot of waste was encouraging, and has shown that Mentor/TEAM students are interested in doing their part to cut down on unnecessary waste.  Keep an eye out for the reusable water bottle station at upcoming dances!