Grade 11 Writing Highlights

Ms. Walmark’s Grade 11 Mentor English students recently completed their second creative portfolios. Highlights from this writing include:

Arjan Dhillon (about Times Square)
In the concrete jungle/used to lie vast meadows of/green, brimming with life
As the sun sets, the streets/flood with artificial/illumination

Jacky Li (about Xi’an, China)
Squares within squares/History, solemnity/Perfect order
Blocks after blocks/With old and strict structure/A jail for new thoughts

Chloe Shamash-McLaughlin (from her free-verse poem “Blood”)
sometimes it pools/sometimes it trickles/soaking your clothes
maybe even/your shoes/in the dark/of an alleyway…
maybe you should run/quick, before/they find out.

Aidan Kokorudz (a 6-word short story)
She ate her wedding cake alone.

Kaitlyn Liang (a 6-word short story)
Grandma asked me, “Who are you?”

Well done, and keep writing!