Grade 4s Enjoy Lunch Fit For A King

f2a256cc-ab53-4afd-a08e-2ceab3e646a7Last Thursday, Mentor/TEAM Grade 4 classes got to dress up in Medieval clothing and enjoyed a Medieval Feast in the Primary Campus gym. Here are some highlights from the students in Mrs.ZecicFerreira’s class:

“The favourite part for me was the dubbing of the knights.”- Amare Getahun
“It was very exciting when the Vikings came and took some chicken with them.” – Sophia Xu
“The catapult competition was great. We played games and ate a lot of food.” – Brayden King
“Pin the Crown on the King” was a fun game to play. I was a cook and I got to play it with the peasants and the serfs.” – Chloe Che

…and another perspective from the “visiting” Grade 5s:

Yet another successful raid of the Grade 4 Medieval Feast has taken place and victorious Vikings (a.k.a. the Grade 5 students in Mr. Thompson’s class) returned loaded with loot (i.e. boxes of chicken)! We had crafted swords and ornately-designed shields, and even a full-sized (well, grade five student sized) Viking ship. Outfits were donned, Principal Weinkauf was armed and joined us, and we sailed effortlessly across the new turf to the gates of the feast. Battle was done and won (although the Viking leader, Terrible T, seems to have lost his sword and shield as trophies of war to the grade four drooling knights). The loot was enjoyed by all upon return. We all truly hope the Grade 4s enjoyed our ‘looking forward to seeing you next year’ and that they realize there are truly many fun activities and events just waiting for them at the Main Campus!