Grade 6 Classes At The OEC

d5ca0df8-0c66-4016-a297-83e9675905adMrs. Izzi and Mrs. Sarna’s Mentor classes headed to the OEC on January 11 hoping for snow. Students enjoyed the great outdoors in a Winter Wonderland setting. Fun activities including broom ball and skiing kept them warm and toasty.

Students were also introduced to geochaching and enjoyed hunting for treasure in the snow-filled woods that surround the centre. They enjoyed building rockets and were successful in tracking and retrieving them. Finally, students were able to get a bird’s eye view of Muskoka while swinging from the high ropes course aptly titled, The Flying Squirrel. Catherine Thorne, a new student to Mentor College, liked getting to know her classmates in Bear Bunks and overcoming her fears on the high ropes course.

Declaring it the best place to climb, Charlie Fink enjoyed the geocaching while Reilly O’Sullivan noted that it was fun until you fall in! Both classes enjoyed the experience and are looking forward to next year’s trip!