Grade 6 Poetry Slam

Mentor Grade 6 students have been studying poetry throughout the year. While analyzing a variety of poems, teachers and students have discussed the ability of words to express meaning and emotion while sending a thought-provoking message.

Holly wrote in a recent reflective paragraph that “writing a poem is like creating a work of art” while Alexis determined that “the goal of a poet is to expressed them self….[and] by using powerful words, metaphors, and emotion, this goal is accomplished.”

Last month, an opportunity was given to each student to express their thoughts when creating an original and evocative piece. Each piece was memorized and read aloud to their classmates and the students in classes 6A, 6B, 6G, and 6H came together on Wednesday to showcase some of these poems in the first Grade 6 Poetry Slam.

Topics presented ranged from video games, Spring, dance, the environment, prejudice, and poverty. The teachers of these classes would like to thank their students for sharing their stories and thoughts with their peers, we were wowed by your thoughts and talent.