Grade 7 Historical Luncheon

historical2Last Thursday, O’Brien Hall was transformed into a formal dining hall for the Annual Mentor Grade 7 Historical Luncheon. Allen Hujic (Andrew Jackson) and Aidan Melnbardis (Governor Frontenac) welcomed guests to a special celebration of Canada and of the historical figures who helped shape this country.

Students dressed up in their finest costumes to portray individuals from New France, Loyalists from Upper and Lower Canada, First Nations allies, military representatives from 1812 and the rebels of 1837. Each student was able to clearly articulate exactly how and why their individual impacted the development of the country. As always, their creativity impressed their teachers!

The tables in the Mess Hall practically collapsed under the weight of the delicacies and a great feast was had by all. To wrap up the celebrations, the teachers presented the “Historian of the Year” awards to students who demonstrated a particular interest and enthusiasm for history this year. Congratulations go out to:

7A – Maansi Sharma
7B – George Clarke
7C – Jacob Santos
7D – Ryan Hughes
7E – Ryan Molin
7F – Stephanie Abrokwa
7G – Ethan Kannampuzha
7H – Maria Raykowski
7I – Samantha Ford

See more photos from the event!