Grades 7/8 Girls’ Floor Hockey Wrapup

The Grades 7/8 girls’ floor hockey team fought hard in their tournament at St. Mildred’s yesterday. They ended up in third place after two close games against the championship team, SMLS. Such tight games would not have been possible without the incredible goaltending of Ayana Nanthakumar, who practically stood on her head to keep the team in the running.

Not only did Ayana rock in net, she also scored four goals in the one game that she played out! Mairead Stasiulis put us on the scoreboard when Ayana was minding the net, notching four goals as well. Katie Gallespie held down the fort on defence, and still managed two beautiful goals despite an injury.

Sophia Marques, Emma Nunnes and Sara Hudda rounded out the goal-scoring with one each. Sarah Harington helped out in net for a game, and played hard with Raquelle Martinez and Jess Fone to assist Mairead in her scoring streak. Kudos to Romina Sadeghi, Christina Pelosi, Iliana Rawlyk and Julia King for playing their hearts out and digging in the corners. Coaches Vieira and Smith are so proud of how well the team moved the puck and worked together yesterday. Way to go, girls!