Grades 9/10 Healthy Active Living Guest Teacher: Class Of 2005 Alumnus Rebecca Nava

Over the past few days, girls in Ms. Fuhr’s Grades 9 and 10 Healthy Active Living classes have been learning about healthy sexuality. Through a collaboration between Ms. Fuhr and Ms. Nava (sexual health educator & Mentor Class of 2005 alumnus, Rebecca Nava) the students have been learning about topics such as: gender identity, gender expression and gender roles, healthy relationships, methods of birth control and how to prevent STIs.

Students have been provided with the most current Canadian statistics on sexual health so that they are able to make informed, safer sexual health choices.

Parents: for more information, refer to your daughters’ (Grade 9 or 10) Edsby page (login required) for a guideline with helpful suggestions and resources on how to talk to your teen.