Grit & Determination From Mentor Girls

ab02621f-bb9f-4219-83d3-21e18be6d452The Mentor Grade 5/6 girls’ hockey team had their annual tournament on Tuesday March 31. Although it didn’t always show on the scoreboard, the girls played with grit and determination and they never gave up. Coaches Masterton and Smith are proud of the team’s hard work and sportsmanship!

Congratulations to Menka Belanger, Christina Pelosi, Emily Mezzanote, Emma Nunes, and Lili Keenan for their goals, and to Mira Jauhal for putting her team on the scoreboard multiple times.

A big thank you to our many goalies for sweating it out behind the mask: Holly Nason, Sarah Harington, Menka Belanger, and Mira Jauhal.Finally, special mentions go to Anjana Sudharshan for her excellent assist and work in front of the net, to Raquelle Martinez for her smart passing and reliable defence, and to Amy McLellan for her awesome stick-handling skills.