Gritty Girls earn 4-1 Record

oct10-girlsrugbyLast Friday, the HS girls’ rugby team participated in a 7s tournament at St. Francis Xavier High School. The team’s skill, grit, and cohesiveness were reflected in their 4 – 1 record. Players adjusted well to the wet conditions by making smart passes, and kicking at opportune times. Rookies and veterans alike played off of one another’s strengths and moved the ball wide across the pitch.

Like a poetic tribute to their efforts over the last four years, each of the graduating players (Sofia Aloia, Brianna Ananthan, Carine Djaiani, Meagan Mascarenhas, Julia Seepaulsing, and Jacqueline Whyte) scored at least one try throughout the day. Strong performances from Stephanie Sucharda, Sarah Cowle, Ashley Whyte, Sasha Thiara, and Supriya Vangipuram were also apparent throughout the day.

Coaches Smith, Milkovich, and Haney commend all players for a strong season!